Applovin Self Click Aia File

Hey Guys, Welcome Back to the another post of earning tips where i always share premium app and earning tips and today in this post i am sharing applovin self click aia file for free. So let Start It
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Applovin Self Click Trick

If You Want to Know Applovin Self click Trick So Watch Below Video.

  1. Clear Data All App Of Self Click
  2. Connect Vpn To Usa New York
  3. Go To Settings Reset Your Advertising I’d Of One Gmail
  4. And Go To Play store
  5. Change Email That You Have Reset advertising I’d .
  6. If Play Store Language Changed To USA .
  7. Then open self click app And Watch 20 to 30 ads and Click On Only one Ads.
  8. And Download It And Use it for 5 minutes
  9. And Do Not Delete downloaded app for 24 hours.

Follow All Steps Every time

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How To Make Applovin Self Click App

I already made a video that how to make applovin self click app so watch it and make own app

Applovin Self Click Aia File.

I am very happy to share this Self Click Aia with you all . I hope it will help you to Earn Money From Applovin Self Click.

Applovin_self_click_aia.zipSelf CLick649

Free Enhance Account Txt File

enhance_account.txtSelf Click1 Kb.txt

If You Want to Make Self click App Then Contact Us On Telegram [ Click Here ]

How much does Applovin pay for 1 click?

Applovin pays minimum 0.4$ per click in India but up to 1$ per click in English speaking countries Where is AppLovin located?

AppLovin is located in Palo Alto, California How much does Applovin pay per 1000 impression?

In India, Applovin Pays 0.15$ for 1000 impression but in english spoken country Applovin pays upto 5$ per 1000 impression Does Applovin pay to PayPal?

Yes, Applovin support PayPal as a method of payment.

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