Applovin Self Click AntiBan Trick

Hello Guys Welcome Back To New Post Of Self Click And In this Article I will Give You Full AppLovin Self Click AntiBan Trick. So Read Carefully and Follow All Step To Earn Money By AppLovin
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Create AppLovin Account

First Off All Create AppLovin Account With usa Vpn trick I also Make A full video on it that how to create AppLovin account without play store url for better experience Watch watch Below Video For More Detail

  1. First Of All Install Any Vpn.
  2. Then Connect Vpn To Usa Server
  3. Then Go To And Click On Get Start it
  4. Then Enter Full Detail like Name, Email, And Choose Usa Country Donot Choose any Other country

Do Not Choose Other Country Otherwise Your Account Will be Banned Or suspended

  1. Important! Choose Usa in Country
  2. Enter Password And Click On Signup
  3. Then Enter Your Mobile Number Or Phone Number. If You From India Then Choose If Your From Other Country then Choose your real Country
  4. Then Verify Otp And Click On Submit button
  5. Done Your Safe Account is Ready To Do Self Click

How to Create AppLovin Account Video

After Creating AppLovin Account. You have to make self click app

How To Make Self Click App For Free

  1. To Create AppLovin Self Click App Is Very easy Just Follow Below Step
  2. Go To
  3. Login With google account
  4. click on import project
  5. then change sdk with your sdk of AppLovin
  6. then click on build app
  7. Done you Have Create self click app for free

Watch Below Video For Full Tutorial

Read This Article For More information About How To Make Self Click App For Free

AppLovin Self Click Antiban Trick

To avoid blocking the applovin account, you have to pay attention to some things so that your account is not blocked, I have brought something wrong due to which your account gets blocked, we have to prevent from that mistake so that the account is not blocked, I have given some thing that to be be consider in Applovin self click

  • Create Applovin Account With Usa Country
  • Keep Ctr Less Than 5%
  • Use Powerful Vpn visit for vpn
  • Do Not Earn More Than 100$ From One Phone
  • Use Island Trick
  • Every Time Login With Usa VPn IN Applovin account

How To Do Self Click

  • Clear Data Self Click App
  • Connect Vpn To Usa
  • Go To Settings Reset Your Advertising I’d Of One Gmail And Go To Play store Change Email That You Have Reset advertising I’d .
  • If Play Store Are converted To USA .
  • Then open self click app And Watch 5 to 6 ads and Click On Only one.
  • And Download It And Use it for 5 minutes And Do Not Delete downloaded app for 24 hours.

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