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Today in this article I will be sharing an Instagram follower APK. This application helps you to Increase your Instagram Followers. The application is safe and you can easily increase 5000 plus followers in a day with the help of this application.

What is Turbo Follower?

Turbo Followers is an amazing Instagram follower app with the help of this app you can easily gain Fast, Real, and Genuine followers. This app works to make your profile accessible to the people who are interested in your category. This helps you to get genuine followers the followers are real sometimes and sometimes the followers are fake but don’t worry you get most of the real followers that will like your post and comment too.

Will followers be fewer?

There is a 5-10% chance followers will decrease in the future but there is no accurate answer for that. Most people do not bother to log in again to the fake account and unfollow all the following and then follow again, so they create another fake account and follow every people, their followers do not decrease like this. same like this, people will follow you and then forget or create a new fake account and your followers will not decrease in the future.

Follwers are Real or Bot?

Every follower is not Reals and active as I already told you before that you don’t have to add your real account. Same as other users are also using a fake account to log in. If everyone is using a fake account then the probability of fake and inactive followers is increasing if the fake follower is increased then we get fake followers as well.

Is my Account will be disabled?

If you are thinking to use this app then you have questions like this in your mind will my account be disabled. So the answer is maybe yes or maybe not because if you use this app wisely then there is a 1-2% chance that your account will be ban but if you are using this app random without thinking and increase followers 200 + in an hour then Instagram will ban your account definitely. But here in this app, you don’t have to use your real account where you can add your fake account and earn coins then place an order (Followers) to your real account. This is how your real account will not face any BAN.

Is my account will be hacked?

As I already tell before that you don’t have to need to add your real account to get free Instagram followers by this app. You just have to add your fake account and earn some coins and then place an order (Follower) for your real account. If someone tries to hack the account then the fake account will be hacked not the real one and your real account will be safe. You can easily create a new fake account and again start to earn coins.

Features of Turbo Follower Apk: –

  1. Genuine and real Followers
  2. Sometime Robots and Fake Profiles
  3. Active Followers
  4. Earn free Coins easily
  5. You can get more than 5000 follower in a day easily

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