Unity Ad Self Click App Download Free | With Full Tutorial.

Hello Guys I M Sanikant Kushwaha And I Am Owner Of This Blog and In This Article I will Give You Best Unity Ads Self Click App For Free..

How To Click On Your unity Ads Without Being Caught.

The tricks behind earning big money from Start app are nothing but clicking on your ads by themselves with VPN. Do you specify VPN? yes vpn

What Is A VPN ?

Vpn Is Virtual Private Network That Gives You Online Privacy. by creating a private network from a public network like Hotspots , WiFi and the Internet Data Connection

  • Windscribe Vpn 
  • Nord Vpn
  • Turbo Vpn 
  • Express Vpn

There Are Many Types of Vpn On Playstore but Can Suggest the list of VPNs are Given Below That you can use for your start self click tricks.

I personally recommend any of the above  VPN to use for the Unity ads Self Click tricks to ensure standard security.

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How To Click On Your Ads Without Being Caught.

To click on your ads you have to be very smart by making sure your activities are safe to avoid getting banned

  1. Switch Off And On Your Phone…
  2. On Aeroplane Mode 
  3. Close All Background Running App
  4. Now Off Aeroplane Mode
  6. Run Premium VPN in the background.. (you can also use Mod VPNs)
  7. Now Open Unity Self App 
  8. Fill Your Unity Game ID…Wait 30-60 Seconds
  9. Click on the Interstitial Ads download
  10. Watch 5 Ads & 1 download
  11. Download Any 1 App.. Avoid Downloading first and the last ads.. For Eg.. ( Don’t download app From 1st and 5th Ads )
  12. When You download any app from except first ads and the last ..Then use it for 5 to 6 minutes…
  13. BONUS TIP  Keep the App In your device for at least 36 hours 
  14. When your work is finished.. Close the background apps and the main app and then again on and off the aeroplane mode…
  15. Restart Your Device 
  16. Done! wait for 3-4 hrs for Unity Dashboard to update…🔥
  17. Connect the VPN to another country and repeat the same process.
  18. Do It maximum 25 Times Daily
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Unity Ads.7 Mb

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